Orthomed® Fix bandage splints

Quality directly from the manufacturer

Orthomed® Fix bandage splints are excellent for simple fractures, joint damage and strains, sprains, abrasions and burns.

tie & support

  • finger splints and thumb splints
  • splints for lower arm and upper arm
  • leg splints
  • Fix bandage splints with washable cover
  • roller splint
  • around 100 different models and sizes

Germany’s largest range of splints!
Any treatment is possible!

  • Due to our own production and many years of experience, we can deliver immediately in all sizes.

  • Consultation hours supplies can also be billed in all countries (please note the respective specifications)

  • Eco Stack Splint Finger Splint by Stack

  • size 1-7

  • Eco Buddy Loop Finger Tape

  • Orthomed baseball splint

  • Orthomed finger splint

  • Orthomed Finger Splint Fix protect easily and securely
  • Light and stable 
  • individually shapeable
  • X-ray transparent
  • Made in Germany Custom-made products and OEM production possible at any time

  • Light and secure treatment. 

  • Orthomed®FIX finger pro-tection can be

  • easily moulded by hand

  • easily fixed with a bandage

  • individually shaped to fit all anatomic positions.

  • The light aluminium splint offers stable support and, at the same time, guarantees a high degree of movement.

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